The commercial real estate industry has struggled to find a place for social media within its business operations. But forward thinking companies are proving just how valuable having an online voice is to current and future business. Here are five simple ways to find value in social media programs:

1. Take advantage of Video: Create videos that tell a project’s story, promote available space or show how people interact with a particular building or portfolio.

2. Build Your Future Network: Social media is a great way to spark up a conversation with potential clients or contacts that you encounter at an event or meeting that may not be ready to do business yet. Use lighter social media conversations to build out your network for when you are ready to have the “sales” conversation.

3. Get a Personality:  Social media campaigns  are a great way to humanize your company. Marketers need to put a face on a company by attaching a company spokesperson to more external communiqués.

4. Control Your Destiny: Listen and filter the commercial real estate buzz. By having a voice online, you are able to proactively break a story before other sources do, respond to negative comments about your organization, and control the dissemination of information about your brand.

5. Location, location, location:  Don’t forget about Foursquare, Google Places and other location-based social networking. These are a great fit for commercial real estate which is all about buildings and geography.

6. Show that You’re Cutting Edge: Separate yourself from your competitors by taking advantage of emerging technologies and show current and prospective clients that you are forward thinking in all areas of your business!