The United States has already won over 20 medals, including gold for the Women’s Team Gymnastics competition and for the Men’s 4 x 200 meter Freestyle swim. With a “stroke” of luck, Michael Phelps earned his nineteenth medal, becoming the most medalled Olympian of all time (and more decorated than Versailles).

Every few years, athletes come together from around the world, captivating audiences who follow them throughout their Olympic journey. They have conditioned for years, prepared for challenges, and feared the possibility of unplanned errors and injuries – to claim their place as best-in-class competitors.

If you are feeling inspired by Olympic athletes, get off your barstool or couch and give your building a chance to go for Gold. Just as Olympians must prepare themselves for their spotlight moment, you too can take the steps (nay great leaps!) to make sure that your building blows your competitors out of the water and sticks its landing.

1. Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance Medal
Medal #1

Athletes from every sport have to practice regularly in order to maintain their star level of performance. This dedication carries over to Commercial Real Estate. Without properly functioning systems, costs rise, tenants become dissatisfied and the property degrades – over time losing value and becoming less of a viable entity.

Gold medal athletes and buildings alike are well-oiled machines. A comprehensive preventive maintenance program keeps equipment and facilities in operating condition with routine inspections, measurements and repairs that are systematically scheduled and tracked. The idea is to identify potential performance weaknesses before they occur – be it an inefficient HVAC system or a weak elbow.

2. Risk Management

Risk Management Medal
Medal #2

Everyone dreads the moment when something unexpected goes wrong. In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, swimmer Michael Phelps experienced an equipment malfunction that for most competitors would have knocked them out of the race. The swimmer’s goggles filled with water during one of his signature races, leaving him blind. BUT he had planned for an incident such as this, so he was able to count his strokes, complete the race, and still win gold.

An outstanding competitor is one that prepares for disaster. For a property management professional, this extends to managing risk and liability through risk assessment, table top exercises, checklists, emergency pre-plans, and scenario planning. In case the unexpected occurs, ensure that you have all the necessary information easily on hand – visitor records, certificates of insurance, incident reports and resolutions, fire & life safety programs, standards of operation and all supporting documentation. Rule number 76: No excuses, play like a champion.



Tenant Service Medal
Medal #3

An enthusiastic and supportive crowd or fanbase has always been known to drive an athlete towards the medal stand. Athletes are challenged by their fans to meet and surpass expectations, and inspired by their positive energy.

In building management, the first step in turning your tenants into fans is to understand their expectations.  Tenants want to be able to track and reconcile service requests online and in real time. They want to schedule building resources easily and seamlessly. They want a modern tenant handbook that is easy to access and has the building information they need. Create a positive experience for them and gain their support for the big race.

4. Communications

Tenant Communications Medal
Medal #4

No matter how incredible and talented an athlete, a person can never make it to the podium without a team. An athlete’s coach and team play an essential role in an Olympian’s journey to greatness. Communication between player and coach and amongst teammates is crucial to making sure everything goes according to plan, and that everyone understands what is expected of them. Without those communication and support channels, an athlete can falter under the pressure.

For your building, modern communications tools allow property management teams to better monitor tenant needs, fulfill work orders and service requests more efficiently, and lend a professional face to their building. These tools give tenants visibility and control that reflect well on the services you provide


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