Do you have the right processes in place to ensure that your building could outlast an epidemic of the undead? When it comes to risk management, there are a lot of factors in play. From certificates of insurance tracking to preventive maintenance, if you aren’t running a well-oiled machine, the livelihood of your business – as well as the lives of your occupants and staff – may be in jeopardy.

Follow the Infographic below to see how prepared you and your team would be for a Zombie Apocalypse!

Building Engines CRE Property Management Platform Infographic

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So, did you survive? What about your tenants? Either way, we hope this infographic prompts you to evaluate your current operations. Whether you’re already a Building Engines client or if you’re using another system, make sure you’re taking advantage of all risk management tools at your fingertips.

If you’re interested in learning more about protecting your business from liability – zombies or otherwise – click here to request a conversation with a Building Engines Representative. (Current clients – please contact your Account Advocate.)

Just a few of the ways Building Engines can prepare your property For a Zombie Apocalypse…

Certificates of Insurance: Reduce liability exposure by ensuring that all vendors and tenants are properly insured and have current certificates of insurance on file.

Fire & Life Safety: Ensure adherence to compliance requirements with automatic reminder notices and escalation notices if requirements are not met. Manage and maintain all required documentation from one central location.

Visitor Access: Quickly and easily pre-authorize visitors for entry into the building with a real-time connection to the security guard check-in station in the lobby and property access passes.

Broadcast Messaging: Send messages simultaneously via email, phone, text, and text-to-voice, ensuring timely and accurate message reception.

Preventive Maintenance: Schedule and dispatch equipment maintenance and repairs, and track those repairs throughout the maintenance cycle. 

Mobility Platform: With our mobile app, BE-Mobile, you can work offline in areas of unreliable service and have access equipment manuals, maintenance history and instructional videos.

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