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How To Efficiently Communicate With Building Occupants

How to Efficiently Communicate with Building Occupants

How do you communicate with your tenants today?

Communication is key to a well-run property with happy tenants. Despite how crucial it is, many property teams are slow to respond to tenants. And, they fail to convey important information to building occupants.

Great communication takes time. But, without good communication, it’s hard to retain tenants. They can always find another building with better communication and responsiveness to issues.

How can you balance good communication with all of the other things you need to do each day?

Implement efficient communication. When communicating efficiently, you can still provide great tenant communication – while saving time.

Here’s how you can communicate efficiently with tenants – so you can spend less time communicating, while making tenants happier.

Use Communication Channel Tenants Prefer

The first step to communicating efficiently is to talk with tenants on their terms.

While you might prefer email or calls, it’s not what tenants feel most comfortable with. 80% of tenants prefer to communicate with text over email. If you only communicate with email, you might not get crucial info to a large portion of your tenants.

But, it can be time-consuming to keep track of everyone’s preference and communicate with them as they want.

Building communications software makes it effortless to communicate across multiple channels. AI chatbots can talk with tenants to log issues and distribute important info. That way, you don’t have to spend your valuable time texting.

Plus, buildings communication software lets your tenants update their contact info and communication preferences. Instead of having to track tenants down every time their info changes, your software has real-time contact updates. So, you can rest easy knowing you can always contact tenants when needed.

Reaching tenants through their preferred channel is one step in an efficient building communications strategy. And, building communication software can help you do this efficiently – without requiring more of your time.

Create Custom Contact Groups

Another way to make communication more efficient is by creating contact groups – so the right people get the right information.

At times, you need to get information to different tenants. You might have maintenance that only effects one floor. Or, you might only need to reach troublesome tenants. Whatever it is, you need a way to communicate with a select group of tenants.

While you can manually add tenants every time you need to communicate with a group, this is a time waster. With so many other things to do each day, you don’t have time to add tenants to each communication by hand.

With building communication software, you don’t have to. You can manage tenants with ease by creating groups. You can sort tenants by floor, occupation, or any other characteristics.

After you make a group, you can easily reach that group in the future. You don’t have to worry about adding everyone each time you need to send out important updates. Instead, you can simply write your message and send it to a pre-defined group.

Getting the right information to the right people is crucial to communicating efficiently with building occupants. Building communications software can help you do this more easily with custom groups.

Track and Manage Communication from One Place

Having to sort through emails, calls, and more in multiple locations makes it hard to communicate efficiently. A unified platform can simplify your tenant communication.

If you’re reaching tenants through email, Slack, text, and other channels, it’s easy to lose messages. Or, forget to send out important updates on every channel. This is especially common if you keep track of everything manually.

However, with building communication software, you send and receive every communication from the same platform. Whether it’s normal building messages or urgent info – like COVID-19 changes, you’re able to view and send all your messages from one place.

So, you don’t have to hunt for messages in multiple places. Instead, you can easily look through your communication history to find what you need.

You can also ensure you send important updates to everyone with your communication overview.  At a glance, you can see if you sent a message to everyone – or only certain groups. If you missed anyone, building communication software makes it simple to copy the message and send it right from your dashboard.

Plus, some building communication software comes with AI assistants. You can manage them from the same platform. So, you don’t have to spend time communicating with tenants for little things. And, you can keep track of AI activity from the same place you manage every other communication.

The final piece in an efficient building communication strategy is having an all-in-one organization system for your messages. Building communication software can help you do this efficiently with an easy to use dashboard.

Wrapping It Up

Communicating well with your tenants is key to having happy tenants who want to stay in your building. But, manually sending every message and update can eat up time you don’t have.

With building communication software, you can efficiently communicate with tenants in no time. Using building communication tech, you can reach tenants on their preferred channel, easily create frequently used contact groups, and effortlessly track your messages. So, you can communicate with tenants more effectively – in less time.

Looking for building communications software? Give Prism a try. With Prism’s building communication module, you can simplify tenant communication. You’ll have more time to get your long to-do-list accomplished. And, tenants will have a better building experience.

Get started with your free Prism communication demo today.

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