Now that mobile technology is allowing property management teams to be productive away from their desks, the last thing you want to deal with is connectivity issues. Whether there’s a glitch with your mobile WiFi or you’re in a dead zone, the ability to use property and tenant management apps when not connected to the Internet is essential.

Mobile Property Management Software for Commercial Real Estate (CRE)
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The reality of commercial properties is that connectivity is often spotty or unreliable depending on where you are in the building or based on your service provider. Your mission-critical mobile apps must be available to you when you’re “offline” – or disconnected from the Internet. This enables management teams to manage work orders, schedule and execute preventive maintenance and inspections, create and deliver important messages to tenant groups, and much more, no matter where you are and what connectivity level you encounter.

One of the unique features of our BE-Mobile application is this “work offline” option. You are able to access equipment manuals, maintenance history and instructional videos from basements and other areas of unreliable service; Track arrival and work completion times, and escalate issues in the moment; Receive new work orders throughout the day with updated priority and required response times. Even our new Mobile Tenant Communications tools (broadcast messaging, announcement and in-app photos) can be accessed offline.

Data is saved locally (on your device) and once an Internet connection is re-established, the data is synced and moved to the application’s server. Your workflow is seamless. We call this “True-Sync” and Building Engines is the only provider to offer this capability.

More reasons to embrace your ability to work offline with BE- Mobile?

  • We utilize your device’s internal clock for accurate time stamping of all activities when you reconnect.
  • You’ll experience nearly instant response time when navigating data.
  • It offers the highest data security possible for users on the go – if you’re not connected to the Internet, there’s no risk of a data breach.

24/7 mobile app access will inevitably improve occupant satisfaction and retention through faster response times and consistent communication.

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