Just as the siren on a Fire Engine fades as it drives away (the Doppler Effect), September/National Preparedness Month is also disappearing into the horizon. It’s a good time to reflect on how you spent your summer, how shocked you are that September is almost over, how cool the Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse was, and how the thought of cold and snow makes your body shiver.

Growing up in New England, I learned to pack a snow emergency kit in the trunk of my car in case I got stuck, broke down, needed to signal for help, or needed to help another motorist in need. It’s always great to have; a snow brush/ice scraper, a shovel, a flashlight, extra hat and gloves, jumper cables, road flares, and some salt/sand/kitty litter (I suggest un-used).

This is the time of year to prepare your snow emergency kit for your car, and it’s also a great time of year to make sure you are prepared for emergencies professionally at your properties!

Here is an extremely helpful Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Emergency Preparedness Kit that you can put in your metaphorical trunk, and feel comfortable knowing you’ll be ready if an emergency arises.

The CRE Emergency Preparedness Kit doesn’t contain road flares and kitty litter (sorry), but it does include:

Grab the kit here, make sure you’re ready for anything!
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