We love each and every one of our customers, and their successes even more! Today we’re putting the customer spotlight on our favorite emergency preparedness expert.

Joe Donovan, SVP at Beacon Capital Partners, was recently nominated by President Obama to a key Administration post as a member on the Board of Directors of the National Institute of Building Sciences!

Joe Donovan, SVP at Beacon Capital Partners

He is one of the six members selected by the President to represent the public interest in building science and technology to improve the built environment.

Mr. Donovan has long promoted partnerships between property owners and public agencies, assuming responsibility for the BOMA national preparedness committee, the Real Estate Roundtable – Homeland Security Taskforce, and the Commercial Facilities Sector Coordinating Council. He works with 17 real estate management companies to develop and execute emergency and crisis management programs with the goal to minimize the impact of events and to support the local, regional and national public service groups’ need to respond to events.

Fun Fact: Mr. Donovan and his wife operate a small sheep farm in Virginia!