Black Swan Event in Commercial Real Estate Operationsblack.  swan.  event   [blak-swon-ih-vent]  -noun

1. A rare, unpredictable event
2. An event for which there is lack of preparation


FACT: 2011 saw more billion-dollar natural disasters than any year on record. Storms such as Hurricane Irene battered the U.S. East Coast while southern tornadoes brought devastation from Missouri to Alabama.

2012 has seen its own share of calamities, and while the resulting death rates are decreasing, the economic costs are steeply increasing. Disaster risk management came to the forefront of discussions at the latest G20 Summit this past June, a reaction to the dramatic human suffering and record $380 billion losses from 2011’s natural disasters.

Don’t wait until you are hit by a Black Swan Event – take steps to prepare your building before the unexpected occurs.

In honor of National Preparedness Month (September), we are offering a free download of our Emergency Preparedness Tool Kit to our network of friends and colleagues.

Here’s a glance at what’s inside:

Building Engines Commercial Real Estate Emergency Preparedness Kit
Building Engines Emergency Preparedness Kit

Checklist: Implementing a Successful Emergency Response Plan

Blog Post: 10 Fire and Life Safety System Mistakes

On-Demand Webinar: Risk Management Tips from a Presidential Appointee

And More!

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