Energy Saving Technology for Commercial Real Estate PropertiesDuring the State of the Union address, President Barack Obama called for investment in alternative energy projects, and now he is continuing this effort by calling on Congress to establish an Energy Security Trust.

The plan would set aside $2 billion over 10 years to support research into cost-effective technologies that reduce the nation’s dependence on oil and gas. Speaking at a press event last week, the president pushed for the development of breakthrough technologies that would make cities, businesses and vehicles less reliant on traditional energy sources.

A lot of commercial properties have investigated solar panels, geothermal heating and other environmentally friendly technologies as a way to reduce energy consumption. The implementation of these systems often depends on the amount of savings that owners feel they will bring, which can be difficult to determine.

Cities looking to reduce demand on power grids

The president’s proposal is similar to steps that several cities have taken to reduce the demands on their power grids. By encouraging companies to develop new technologies, the trust could help develop smarter communities that are less dependent on traditional fuel sources for energy. Buildings account for a substantial amount of emissions and modern office buildings are a significant drain on electrical resources. To combat this, many cities are attempting to achieve higher energy efficiency within buildings, The Energy Collective reported.

“Mayors and other city executives have seized on the smart city concept as a rallying point for the technological, commercial, and social innovation needed to meet the challenges and opportunities facing their communities,” stated Eric Woods, Research Director for Pike Research.

At the San Diego Zoo, city officials worked with zoo representatives to produce the nation’s first solar-to-EV project. The program uses solar panels to power electric vehicles that will be used for maintenance around the park and is part of the city’s efforts to educate consumers about monitoring energy use.

Tracking energy consumption is important to many commercial building managers, largely because being able to cut utility bills can create a lot of savings and free resources for other needs. Companies that want to reduce their energy consumption or are looking for more environmentally friendly solutions could benefit from having more information at their fingertips to inform decisions about repairs, equipment purchases and maintenance issues.