In today’s fast-paced world, people need information as soon as possible. If a problem arises, it needs to be alleviated immediately-or avoided completely. Buildings need to be able to respond to tenant needs as quickly as possible, as well as keep the building running smoothly so no issues pop up. The answer? The cloud.

Simply put, real estate in the cloud is moving your business online. By properly utilizing the Internet, building data can be accessed at any time from a variety of sources. When you know what’s going on with your building instantaneously, you can react to it and keep your tenants pleased and free of problems. Three key factors separate best-in-class buildings from the rest of the pack: focused productivity, improved building operations, and improved tenant experience.

Moving into the cloud means automating certain processes that employees used to waste valuable time on. With these processes taking care of themselves, employees can focus on more worthwhile activities, such as interacting with tenants and developing stronger relationships. Your employees will become more productive, and your building will thrive.

Furthermore, bringing business online allows for an electronic preventive maintenance program. Monitoring equipment and making adjustments in real-time is crucial these days, in order to best predict when a problem will come up and to handle it before it happens. When you can catch a discrepancy in energy usage, realize that it means a machine is about to fail, and handle it before anyone can notice, you’re working in the cloud.

Finally, working online allows owners to monitor tenant needs and fulfill their requests almost instantly. Most tenants are already in the cloud, and they appreciate when outside aspects of their life are on the same level. If you can appease tenants with speedy response to issues and a smooth-running building, they will stay around and building revenues will benefit.

Bringing business online cannot be avoided. It leads to better employees, easily-managed buildings, and happy tenants. Bring your building into the cloud today and move into the future of building management.