SaaS is not as cheeky as it sounds, but it is a brazen model for software distribution. Technical talk surrounding Software as a Service and connected terms such as the “Cloud,” can easily become, well, cloudy. So here are the top things you should know about SaaS:

1. All You Need Is the Internet
Give your IT team a break. SaaS is provided over the internet, no desktop installation necessary. Updates and new features will occur automatically and provide continuous improvement, cutting deployment and implementation time. Users need only a connection to the internet to be productive members of the team.

2. No Overhead
The SaaS model simplifies maintenance and support, reducing costs. There is not a cost associated with each upgrade or additional user. Adopting SaaS means that you are buying into a proven platform that has been tried and tested by other peers in your given industry, meaning fewer disruptions and less risk associated with its implementation. The provider builds, hosts, and manages the application, allowing you to focus on your business.

3. Accessible Data
The software and the data associated with it are hosted centrally in the Cloud, freeing up personal computers and computer networks while providing a shared pool of resources. System activity and performance can be monitored to address potential problems and optimize operations.

For these reasons, more and more property management teams are using SaaS solutions to decrease costs, reduce energy consumption, manage operations more efficiently and improve tenant service. Building owners and operators can leverage SaaS to save time and increase productivity.