Commercial Property and Building Management during Winter and the Holiday Months

And Conserve Resources While the Crowd’s Away.

Do you dread planning your property’s holiday schedule? Coordinating tenant occupancy, staffing needs, and building operations can often be a hassle, involving multiple emails, phone calls and stacks of paper work.

Despite the headaches it can cause, getting accurate holiday occupancy counts for buildings is critical, as it results in…

  • Cost and energy savings if HVAC and lighting systems can be scheduled off.
  • Cost savings if cleaning services can be diverted.
  • Cost savings when staffing the properties with fewer team members.
  • Peace of mind if doors and building access can be scheduled to locked/card access only.

Building Engines’ Property & Tenant Management Software simplifies and streamlines tenant communications, leading to faster, more informed decisions and increased cost savings.

Building Engines is a Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Web and Mobile Property Managaement SoftwareClick here to request a demo and see how Building Engines Property & Tenant Management Software can make holiday building prep a breeze!