Client Spotlight

Casey J Krug, of Larkin Development Group
Casey J. Krug

This month’s customer spotlight shines on Casey J Krug, of Larkin Development Group.

Using the Larkin Soap Company as a starting point the entire LDG team has led the continuous renovation and management of more than a million square feet of office space in central downtown Buffalo and the Larkin District, now known as Larkinville. The transformation is taking Larkinville back to its roots as a vibrant neighborhood of offices, residences, restaurants, and public spaces.

Casey was kind enough to take a few minutes out of his busy schedule to speak with us…

What has been your biggest success in your current role?

Providing oversight on the implementation and development of Building Engines with the properties and operations of Larkin Development Group. It was exciting and rewarding work to be part of a project that has already impacted how we conduct business, especially within our tenant relations. This project did not just improve my coworkers’ lives, but the lives of all we serve, which extends out to a large portion of the community in Buffalo, NY.

You seem to have really embraced technology, what motivated you to do so?

Initially, I saw the Building Engines implementation project as a great learning opportunity as well as a chance to utilize many of the skills the Army has provided me as an Engineer Officer in the civilian sector. As I became more aware of the operations within real estate, I realized that Building Engines’ technology had the capability to help our company take a great leap forward and to make many colleagues’ and leaders’ lives much easier. I now remain very dedicated to the mission of progressively and actively implementing and utilizing Building Engines.

How important is it for real estate professionals to stay current with CRE technology and advances?

By staying current with CRE technology and advances, you are not just improving the lives of your peers, tenants, and customers, but increasing the value of your company through knowledge and information management. With more accessible information and easier reporting methods CRE technology can help you reevaluate and update cumbersome inefficient operational processes.

What kind of impact has technology made for your clients and customers?

Since implementing the work order software moduleinto our daily operations, many clients and customers were quickly impressed with our reaction time to their submitted work orders. Work orders are now communicated a step faster giving our employees the ability to respond in a more effective and efficient manner. Tenants also enjoy the ease of submitting work orders as well as the capability to track the progress of their work orders. The Building Engines technology has been something that clients have quickly adapted to and now use on a regular basis.

What are three words that describe your experience working with Building Engines and why would you recommend our software to your peers?

Friendly, Reliable, and Adaptable

Building Engines is always an easy call when any customer support is needed within the system. They are personable, constantly available, and the end result to a call is almost always a solution. Even if the system is not capable of something you are looking to do, Building Engines always looks at the possibility for adaptation and inclusion of that capability in a future release.