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Take The Chaos Out Of Retail Management

Take the Chaos Out of Retail Management

Managing retail properties is no walk in the park and operational risk is everywhere!

Property management teams have to be master jugglers – working fast and on-the-go to respond to many tenants, properties and vendors. Fortunately, web and mobile tools make it easy.

They allow you to automate the hundreds of operational tasks you do everyday through a central platform and complete work from any mobile device, such as:

  • Send Emergency Communications in minutes
  • Track and manage incidents
  • Track and analyze vendor performance
  • Stay on top of maintenance and inspections

Building Engines is the only property management software with all the tools to make managing retail properties a breeze. Companies like Kemper Development Company, Harsch Investment Properties and Ramco Gershenson are already in the know – and you should be too.

Here are the top 4 ways Building Engines’ Property Management Software can improve your operations:

BEI's Inspections Manager Offers a Property Risk Management Platform

BEI’s Inspections Manager

1. Reduce Risk Exposure & Loss

  • Incident Tracking: Capture the right information on the scene (including photos and documents from your mobile device!) and easilyrun incident reports for tracking and risk assessment.
  • Certificates of Insurance: View certificates that are current, about to expire and overdue with the At-A-Glance COI Dashboard, and create automatic reminders for expiring COIs, so your property is never at risk.

2. A Perfect Fit for Your Mobile Team

  • BE-Mobile App: Stay connected at all times and easily access property information from any mobile device.* Since BE-Mobile works offline and in areas of low connectivity, you can capture incident and maintenance data from anywhere you work.
  • Mobile Inspections: Create inspections in minutes for all common inspection types- including client interviews, vacant spaces, facilities and grounds.
BEI's Mobile Tenant Center Manages Vendors and COI's

BEI’s Mobile Tenant Center

  • Mobile Tenant Center: Ideal for the property manager on the move! Look up critical tenant and vendor information, historical data and documents on-the-go.

3. Vendor Management

  • Simple Work Assignment: Assign work to vendors and enable them to access updated work status, work hours, and material expenses, using the same system as your staff.
  • Evaluate Performance: Enjoy the convenience of vendor data that is automatically updated in real-time and seamlessly integrated into one central location. And gain the insight you need with reports by vendor or property.

4. Maintenance Management

  • Tenant Maintenance: With tenants, vendors and your team using the same database, it’s easy to track tenant-completed maintenance and reduce deferred maintenance disputes at the end of a lease.
  • Better Preventive Maintenance: Automate and track the preventive maintenance you are responsible for such as roof, parking lots, lighting, etc.

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