Operations Performance Management for Commercial Real EstateBuilding Engines announced its plan to release its Operations Performance Management (OPM) system at BOMA’s Every Building Conference & Expo in line with the events theme of “achieving high performance through innovation.”

Real estate technology has long had the potential to help organizations set Key Performance Indicators, to hit or exceed those marks, and then to prove that they were met. Setting and hitting operational performance objectives is the core objective of modern, proactive real estate operations managers and a requisite part of any modern property management practice. Building Engines delivers on that promise with Operations Performance Management measures and practices, or so says a Building Engines client, one of the nation’s leading managers of healthcare real estate.

A client engaged Building Engines in 2012 to automate their operational practice with a focus on service request delivery. Throughout their 21 million square foot portfolio, the client is passionately committed to customer service and a high standard for delivering value to its tenants and directors. OPM enables managers to deliver on that promise, every day.

Today’s sophisticated tenants are asking management teams to provide quantifiable and demonstrable proof of all building claims, including service. “The focus of the OPM initiative is to help our clients derive deep and meaningful insight into operations effectiveness through actionable intelligence,” said Scott Sidman, Senior Vice President at Building Engines. “We leverage the collective acumen of a portfolio near 200 clients into a set of best practice standard we share with our clients,” said Sidman. “These translate into specific standards that we help them measure and maintain over time to deliver the highest quality service in the business.”

Building Engines offers OPM as part of its comprehensive real estate operations management offering. Coupled with it broad functional platform and integrated Service Program, Building Engines offers the most effective solution on the market.