The pursuit of happiness is one of the most important ideals our country was founded on. For us, as in many companies and across many industries, our happiness is a direct result of the happiness experienced by our consumers. In property management, tenants are the customers, and satisfaction for you begins with satisfaction for them.

In a society where people’s time is becoming increasingly valuable and hard to procure a portion of, providing key information in a simple manner is number 1 when it comes to reaching (and winning over) your audience. Hopefully you think your product is valuable and your service is excellent – but that doesn’t matter much if the customer disagrees.

We’ve pulled tips from the top companies in service delivery and customer satisfaction to develop three steps to keep your tenants from joining a chorus of “I can’t get no satisfaction.”

1. TELL them what you’re doing.

The Pursuit of Tenant Happiness: 3 Steps to Success: Communication is a prime example of how adding a little extra information can relieve stress from the customer. Orders shipped through this site can be tracked by the recipients. While it’s a simple implementation to the buying process, people value this feature highly as it gives them peace of mind and allows them to prepare for the item’s arrival.

2. SHOW them when you’re doing it.

The Pursuit of Tenant Happiness: 3 Steps to Success: Timely Manner
Provide a timeline

Tracking is not just done in the online retail world, however. This process is springing up in even the most unlikely of places, much to the consumer’s benefit. Domino’s pizza company now allows their customers to watch a timeline of their pizza’s creation. Information such as when the pizza is in the oven, or when the toppings are being placed, is relayed to the eager pizza lover. Domino’s has taken the basic concept of tracking and visibility and customized it to give the customer a more comprehensive view of their purchase. Models such as this, while not directly necessary, add to the overall value of the experience, creating lasting satisfaction and trust with the brand, fostering brand loyalty.

3. ASK them how you did.

The Pursuit of Tenant Happiness: 3 Steps to Success: Open Dialogue of Expectations and Delivery
Know their level of satisfaction

Another key point of contention in service delivery involves attaining feedback. No one is thrilled to find out that the “quick” survey they agreed to take will span what was intended to be their coffee break. Simplicity and concision seem to be the best approach here, as customers will value a system that is truly quick and involves a limited number of straightforward responses. Graphics are also a great way to make your survey more engaging and painless.

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