Peter Drucker’s oft cited quote, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure,” certainly holds truth, but belies the complexity and difficulty of effective measurement. A property manager or owner doesn’t really want to look at collections of data points, but rather have those measurements organized into an actionable message.

The driving force behind our Operations Performance Management functionality is creating and presenting data that works for you, not against you. Our latest extension of this feature closes the service loop and definitively answers the important operational question: Is our service meeting internal and tenant expectations.

Total Service Delivery rolls up all your dispersed service data into one simple metric for you to answer the following critical service performance questions with a glance at the dashboard:

  • How was our service delivery against set targets?
  • How satisfied were tenants with the service we provided?

Maybe you’re a numbers person who memorized the first 100 digits of pi and gets lost in spreadsheet heaven. More likely, you believe in data-driven decision making, but are interested in succinct, summary data that leads to action. If you identify with the former, props for finding time in the day for that dedication. If you’re the latter, Total Service Delivery was created for CRE professionals like you to provide instant insight into service performance and tenant sentiment across your portfolio.

Total Service Delivery helps in retaining tenant accounts, and boosting tenant satisfaction

The beauty of the dashboard lies in its configurability – show the summary data that matters most to you. Instantly view where you hit or missed your targets, spot trends and investigate with simple click.

The result? Confidence in the service you provide. Can you stroll into a tenant meeting well informed with data that demonstrates your value? Do your reports tell you:

  • Which service request issues you have the most trouble with?
  • Which vendors are underperforming?
  • Which tenants indicated the lowest satisfaction with the service provided?
  • Which employees consistently meet and exceed service targets?

Now they can! Learn more about Total Service Delivery and start managing performance today!