Tenant Service Delivery and Satisfaction for Commercial Real EstateBuilding Engines has released the latest extension to its Operations Performance Management system (OPM): Total Service Delivery.

The Total Service Delivery Dashboard closes the service loop and definitively answers the important operational question: Is our service meeting internal and tenant expectations?

Two intuitive widgets roll up all of a building or portfolio’s dispersed service data and provide a real-time “grade” for service delivery performance and tenant satisfaction with the work provided. Building Engines’ Total Service Delivery tools equip you with the data to demonstrate your value and enter tenant meeting well-informed.

Tenant satisfaction is a human metric. It isn’t a state of being that exists in a single point in time, but an emotional condition resulting from a continuum of inputs provided throughout the year. Satisfaction is as human as it gets, so we designed our Tenant Satisfaction and Total Service Delivery tools to work the way humans work… today. It’s timely, easy to access, and easy to act upon.

Scott Sidman, Senior Vice President

Tenant service – measured, enhanced and sustained – is the fuel that drives Net Operating Income, the bread and butter of real estate operations. Within the value pyramid of real estate operations management – location, market rate and service quality – service quality is the sole metric the landlord can reasonably control. While a landlord can do little about the location of its assets or the market price, service provision is a key and controllable influencer for tenant retention.

A GE Capital Real Estate Survey of 1,200 tenants across the US and Northern Europe concluded that hands-on service, communication and problem-solving drive tenant satisfaction. “The financial rewards of strong tenant relationships can be significant,” concluded Bernard Wassink, GE Capital’s chief marketing officer. “In this economy, replacing a tenant is a difficult and unprofitable event. To be a landlord of choice, owners and managers must actively reach out to tenants, ask substantive questions- and be prepared to act on what they learn.” Above all, the two questions they need to be able to answer at any time are:

  1. How was service delivery against set targets?
  2. How satisfied were tenants with the service provided?

Building Engines offers Operations Performance Management and Total Service Delivery as part of its comprehensive real estate operations management offering. Coupled with its broad functional platform and integrated Service Program, Building Engines offers the most effective solution on the market.