Imagine sitting in your office and something just isn’t right. You can’t focus, projects are coming out poorly and untimely, you’re antsy, and you’re oddly thirsty. Maybe this has happened to you before, or perhaps you are one of the lucky few that has never felt the cruel tug of constant distraction. It is easy to assume this is your fault, but did you ever think that the way your facility is managed may actually be the underlying factor of your underperformance?

According to a recent article from BUILDINGS, “Facilities Management Plays Key Role in Employee Satisfaction,” facilities management plays a vital role in workplace performance. What this means is that the general upkeep of the workplace greatly influences one’s productivity, employee engagement, and job satisfaction. Have you ever felt dissatisfied with your job? Did you ever think this might have something to do with your light fixtures?

The level of maintenance in a facility has the potential to affect an employee’s perception of the work environment. Workers often associate working in a well-maintained facility with a positive environment. On the other hand, an inadequately kept facility has a contrasting effect – lower levels of employee focus, collaboration and team building.

When productivity and performance are linked to tenant service and maintenance, the inculpatory trail leads to facility managers, maintenance personnel, and corporate real estate executives. Lack of attention in building temperature, appearance, and support “is seen as a direct reflection of senior leadership,” according to BUILDINGS’ article.

The next time you find yourself making beats with your feet in your cube, ask yourself, “do I feel taken care of?” If the answer is yes, your facility (and personal life) are probably looking pretty good. If the answer is no… you can consider pointing a finger at poor maintenance and service.

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