Mann Report: 5 Ways Tech Helps Property Managers Gain Control

Thanks to technology, it’s never been easier to control the chaos of our lives, the challenges of property management included. With recent advancements, property managers are more equipped to keep operations running smoothly. CRE tech can help property managers control building operations by tackling menial operational activities, freeing them to focus on growing their business.

Monitor Behind the Scenes

Software can work in the background, constantly monitoring building operations and alerting managers when an operational or service delivery target is missed or needs to be escalated. Such systems make it easy to manage engineering work and prevent work orders from falling through the cracks.

Additionally, CRE technologies can be integrated into a single platform to connect property management teams in one unified place, and do so in a fraction of the time of manual or disparate systems.

Stay Connected

Building operations software allows constant communication between managers and occupants. It delivers the convenience occupants expect while allowing property managers to keep a pulse on satisfaction about property conditions and management responsiveness.

Through a property website and occupant portal, occupants can receive emergency messages or announcements on mobile devices, submit issues, view service requests and access building information. Automated work-order processing and occupant-feedback collection frees managers from fielding basic requests. By tracking tenant sentiment through an integrated platform, all parties can know a tenant’s satisfaction levels.

Connect the Maintenance Process

The right software can streamline planning, scheduling and completing the balance of pressing and preventive maintenance tasks, avoiding the risk of these critical activities going unnoticed until it’s too late. Using a mobile device, engineers can stay informed on what to work on next and how to best service the equipment they’re tasked with. Then, they can report when the job is done.

Manage Operational Risk

Technology can help mitigate a property manager’s exposure to liability. Software can move certificates of insurance (COIs) into a single, online database and automate collecting and updating assets to assure compliance. Managers can be notified proactively about expirations and see the COI of every occupant and vendor to reduce incurred losses and insurance premiums.

When incidents happen, managers can employ software to capture important details, instruct on procedures and maintain accurate records for risk assessment and liability protection. Incident data can be captured with mobile devices from anywhere in the building, and media can be included with incident details.

Maintain Building Visibility

Complex building operations can be integrated into one platform that offers powerful visibility and insights at a level that cannot be conducted manually and across a number of systems. Managers can quantify team performance and document occupant satisfaction.

New CRE tech has the power to quickly collect critical information, inspire occupant loyalty, enable real-time collaboration with employees and vendors, manage risk and help managers understand the performance of a building or portfolio at a glance. With the right software, managers can gain control of chaos, focusing on improving themselves and their businesses.

Original article published by: Mann Report; author: Daniel Cozza, Chief Product Officer, Building Engines

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