Mobile Technology Helping to Change Building Management

Mobile Technology Helping to Change Building Management

People always seem to be connected to their mobile phones. With the ability to do just about anything, smartphones have become a standard tool for many consumers and building managers.

Mobile technology provides a number of advantages to building managers, including increased flexibility and easy access to essential information. The channel can help users maintain strong communication with multiple parties, while processing email and various reports from a remote worksite. It is therefore not surprising that many people are using mobile devices more often than ever before.

Younger employees readily use mobile

A survey by Experian Marketing Services found that mobile use was particularly prominent among younger professionals. The study found that Millennials, those born in the 1990s, spent 14 percent more time on their smartphones during the average week than older users. This trend has helped drive marketing efforts as companies target younger shoppers with mobile promotions. It is also affecting other industries such as building management.

Smartphones allow workers to complete assignments and balance information more effectively. Young workers are just as comfortable inputting information into mobile devices as they are into a computer. This lets them update reports, send emails and more as they move from assignment to assignment. Building managers that embrace the use of mobile devices could improve the management of their staff.

Steps to improve mobile use

Forbes noted that there are several easy steps property managers can take to become more fluent in the use of mobile devices. By tracking conversations and storing critical information, the operators may be able to improve communication. Having a digitally recorded history of emails, text messages and more allows users to review information quickly to determine exactly what is needed. The source also recommended keeping tabs on reviews and feedback from tenants. This strategy will allow building managers to analyze their work procedures to identify ways to improve performance. Taking on small goals such as reducing response time or ensuring tenants are kept informed about large-scale projects can enhance the relationship with those tenants, keeping them in the facility for longer.

Those hoping to use mobile devices to oversee their commercial properties need to have access to the right tools. Building Engines has created a mobile app specifically designed for building management. The platform automatically tracks and sorts communications, allowing users to review information when needed. It can be customized to improve workflow procedures by assigning work orders to available personnel, which can greatly reduce response times.

Source:  Industry News

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