The Release of New Energy Data Management

Building Engines, Inc. Invests in Energy Efficiency:

Releases New Energy Data Management, Tracking and Response Tool. 

Building Engines, provider of a comprehensive web-based operations management solution for owners and managers of all property types, announced the release of “EnAct” – an energy management solution empowering building owners and managers to measure, track, and to act on energy related data, helping them address problems and reduce overall consumption.

EnAct enables owners to track usage and performance on all building energy systems, including electricity, natural gas, oil, HVAC and steam. In conjunction with existing energy monitoring systems, EnAct shepherds identified anomalies and out-of-threshold events through a coordinated work flow process, triggering multiple notifications and curative activities to address and enforce energy savings activities. Through integrated system monitors, alerts and work flow tools, EnAct helps owners to make fuel-saving adjustments, reduce areas of energy waste and reduce overall consumption. “We are excited to bring a fresh and effective energy management toolset to the market,” said David Osborn, CEO of Building Engines. “A wealth of energy tracking programs exists, yet they fail to close the loop and help clients to take effective action. We make energy data actionable.  Our solution enables users to respond in real-time to energy-related issues, incorporating it into their overall workflow and maintenance solution. The result is clear visibility into energy consumption and easy-to access, actionable tools to address the problems they identify.” The Building Engines solution addresses the three main challenges to energy management:It collects meaningful, reliable, consistent, real time energy data,It helps to make energy information easily digestible through online and mobile reports and visual representations, andIt helps owners and manages to act on that data and correct energy consumption issues at their source. Building Engines, Inc.Building Engines is a web-based system providing owners and managers of all property types with a comprehensive solution for improving operations and workflow management. Founded in 2000 by an entrepreneurial team of building and facilities operations management professionals, Building Engines serves the needs of hundreds of millions of square feet of commercial, corporate, institutional and health care real estate in the United States, Canada and Europe.  More information: 

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