Work Order Management

Work Order

  • Create and manage work orders
  • Property manager or tenant user (optionally vendor) can log work order via web interface and interact with Prism based on configurable permissions
  • Work orders can be assigned to/completed by property management or vendors
  • Work order can be dispatched manually or assigned automatically
  • Authorized users can view open and historical work orders
  • Authorized property management and vendor users can change status of work order. System tracks date/time of status change
  • Export work order list to .csv
  • Users can upload files and photos
  • Tenant users can rate their satisfaction for work orders
  • User can opt in to “follow” a work order to receive notifications of changes
  • User can “share” details of a work order via email
  • Work order creators, requestors, assignees and followers (who proactively opt-in) receive email notifications related to work order creation and updates
  • Add comments to work orders
  • Track labor and materials used for work orders
  • Configure accounting and billing defaults including labor rate, charge codes, billable, taxable
  • Configure work order default priority levels, assignment method, tenant visibility

Prism Mobile App for Engineers – Work Order

  • Native mobile app optimized for engineers
  • Users can view, edit and complete work orders that are assigned to them
  • View photos attached to work orders
  • Add photos to work orders
  • Add comments
  • Contact requestor (phone call or comment)
  • Enhanced photo interaction (multi-photo carousel, landscape, zoom)
  • View their recently completed work orders
  • View a list of unassigned work orders
  • View WO task history
  • Work offline including viewing, editing and completing work orders
  • Offline work is timestamped when work done/change made with actual times synced when online

Bengie Tenant Chatbot

  • App-free method for tenants to request services and view building info
  • Create new work order
  • View existing work orders
  • Add a comment or image
  • Cancel request
  • View contact information for coworkers
  • View property management contact information