Hi Bengie, can you help me?

Building Engines’ new conversation platform, Bengie™, provides an entirely new and easy way for tenants to connect with property management teams and access information using the messaging tools they prefer for communication.   

What can tenants do with Bengie™?

With Bengie™, your building tenants can use SMS texting, Facebook Messenger, and Slack to: 

  • Request service such as hot/cold fixes, lightbulb replacements, cleaning, etc. 

  • Pre-clear building visitors 

  • Schedule resources such as conference rooms and freight elevators 

  • Inquire about specific services and building information found in tenant handbooks 

  • Request updates on the latest building news and events 

  • Receive important announcements 

Benefits of Bengie™:

Bengie™ enables more tenants to serve themselves as the need arises, without any training. Bengie™ automatically connects tenants with building management so they don't need to manage and update ever-changing contact lists.  And it works directly with existing Building Engines workflow notification and permission rules, assuring that work requests are routed to the appropriate department for follow up and can only be submitted by authorized users of that feature. 

The Future of the Tenant Experience is Conversational. Bengie™ can help.  Learn how today.


Schedule a Demo to Get Started

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Every Demo Includes:

  1. A discussion of your operational needs
  2. A screen share demonstration of the Building Engines platform
  3. Pricing and Next Steps