Say Hello to Bengie™

Bengie provides the industry's first truly modern tenant communication experience, establishing an easier way for tenants to engage with their building and building management. Bengie eliminates the need for users to wade through complicated web forms or download an additional mobile app creating a much-improved overall user experience.

Bengie enables tenants to communicate through the messaging tools they already use every day like Texting (SMS) and the collaboration app Slack, to request services and information from the buildings they work in. By using the messaging tools tenants prefer, Bengie delivers the most intuitive and familiar interface, assuring high adoption. With Bengie, tenants already have the only app they need to get things done and access to the information they need.

Tenants ♥︎ Bengie. And So Will You.

Bengie is a chatbot. A virtual building assistant for tenants that works as an extension of the property management team. Tenants make requests to Bengie through text messaging or messaging apps just as they use those today. Bengie understands the request and uses the existing Building Engines workflow platform to create a work order, register a visitor, or quickly find and return helpful building information.

Bengie represents the next evolution of tenant self-service and improved user-experience while also reducing administrative work for the property management team. When tenants can confidently and easily serve themselves, property management teams can focus on other high-value, customer interactions, assured that the basics are well taken care of.

So, What Can Bengie Do?

Authorized tenant users can simply send a Text or Slack message to Bengie to:

  • Request service for their space or report something they notice in the building
  • Register visitors for pre-authorized access to the building
  • Request building information, forms and other items often found in tenant handbooks
  • Receive important announcements from building management

Bengie is fully connected to the Building Engines platform.

Bengie is fully connected and integrated with the Building Engines platform, working seamlessly like any other Building Engines channel such as the existing web tenant portal, or tenant and engineering mobile apps. Bengie permits tenants to only perform the same tasks they can anywhere else today in the Building Engines system. If a tenant attempts to do something in Bengie for which they do not have permission, Bengie will politely prevent them from moving forward with the request and prevent management teams from receiving unauthorized work requests.


Who can use Bengie?

Tenants use Bengie. Bengie is available to most tenants whose property managers use Building Engines.

How do I onboard users?

To use Bengie, the user needs to have a Building Engines account and access to messaging tools (Text/SMS or the Slack collaboration app) where Bengie will be available. The user sends a text message to Bengie or searches for Bengie in Slack. Bengie then guides the first-time user to connect their Building Engines account with their channel of choice and remembers settings so they only have to do this once.

If you are already a Building Engines client, you can direct tenants to these pages to learn more about Bengie:

How do I install or set up Bengie in my building?

No building setup is required. Period.

What is Slack?

Slack is a workplace collaboration tool that many of your tenants have already installed in their offices. It is particularly popular with technology companies but growing extremely rapidly in all company types.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program that enables a two-way conversation through text and other methods without human intervention, saving time. Chances are, you’ve already used one and didn’t even know it!
For example:

  • If you visit a website and a dialog box pops up asking if you have questions, a chatbot is often operating behind the scenes.
  • Some others:
    • if you’re a Bank of America Customer, Erica is a chatbot embedded in the Bank of America app.
    • Domino’s has a chatbot that lets you order a pizza
    • And Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa work just like a chatbot – but add voice as well.