Commercial Property Inspection Software

Increase productivity, maintain standards, and gain insight into your properties with Prism Inspections, from Building Engines.

Easily evaluate building conditions

With Prism Inspections, property teams stay a step ahead of potential issues by proactively assessing conditions across all your buildings (with photos!).

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Quickly capture critical data

Equip teams with greater insight into your commercial property inspections, including completion percentages, status updates, photo attachments, and professional report summaries.

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Create portfolio-wide inspection consistency

Provide a consistent inspection process via templates with a simple drag-and-drop builder. Add a variety of question styles, including checkboxes, dropdowns, radio buttons and text fields.

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Take control of your most important commercial property inspections with Prism.

On-the-go inspections

With offline mode, engineers can work from anywhere in a building, even a basement or an area with poor reception, without losing any work or data.

Full visibility

Working directly off a mobile device, engineers can record important details related to inspections, answer a list of questions, and capture images.

Access historical data

Know which buildings are over and underperforming with reports, summaries of inspection work orders, inspection statuses, and in-depth historical details related to inspections.

Gain confidence in your properties

With assurance that inspections are being completed properly, commercial property teams can be confident their properties are providing a top-notch tenant experience.

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