Real Access Software

View floor plans, stacking diagrams, and manage your documents from one streamlined view

Increase your NOI by maximizing your rental square footage

Ensure that your buildings are always measured to the most recent Building Measurement Standards, enabling you to maximize your revenue and stay competitive with the other buildings in your market.

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Minimize risk by visualizing when your leases are expiring

Interactive visualizations allow you to see how much SF is rolling over, when it’s happening, and even segment the information by building, floor, or tenant.

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Minimize time to lease with easy access to up-to-date floor plans

Floor Plans are an integral component of the leasing process, whether it’s for tenant layouts, marketing flyers, or space management. Ensure that your deals move as fast as possible by keeping all of your floor plans in one centralized location, and stop waiting on architects to search for out-of-date files.

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See your building in a whole new way

Space management software

Asset managers, landlords, and brokers can manage all assets in a single screen portfolio dashboard that provides a performance view of your complete portfolio including vacancy, RSF, future growth and tracking revenue achievement.

Digital twin of every building

Dynamic stacks enable instant tenant visibility and real-time sync with accounting data to aid driving building level activities. In addition, interactive floor plans and drawing capabilities enable scenario updates without the need of an architect.

Seamlessly connect all your data

Sync your accounting systems (including Yardi, MRI, Skyline, etc) via a customized, one-way link to display real-time information as well as all of your leasing documents, floor plans, EAP/FPP documents, marketing plans and visualizations.

Seeing is believing

View and interact with your building stack and floor plans so you can understand it in detail, floor by floor.

Printed floor plans on paper

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