Work Order Management Software

Increase the efficiency of your property team and deliver a better building experience for everyone with our work order management module.

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Exceptions based management

Know at-a-glance if there is anything that needs your attention, like work that hasn’t been picked up, items on hold too long or engineers with too much work.

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On-time delivery

Set targets for on-time completion by priority and monitor success so you can overachieve service to your tenants.

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Real-time feedback

Automatically ask tenants to rate their satisfaction with service delivery.

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The Prism Work Order module reduces the time engineers spend managing work orders, allowing them more time to focus on completing the job.

Mobile friendly

The Prism mobile app works both online and offline, and is specifically built for engineers to get the latest information while they’re on the go.

Full visibility

Tenants and engineers can see work order updates, comments, photos, documentation, and labor and material costs in one view.

Capture billables

Flag common billables to ensure that no one forgot to log labor and materials charges.

Bring order to chaos

Move beyond the traditional work order system and connect your service delivery actions with real tenant satisfaction.

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