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Whether it’s office space, retail, or industrial, Building Engines’ building operations platform, Prism, improves operational efficiency and the occupant experience in every property type and space.

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Commercial Office

Attracting and retaining building occupants is always top of mind for property owners and managers of commercial office space. Our platform enables owners and managers to always provide the best experience to anyone who walks through their building through the most efficient building operations.

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Managing retail properties effectively today is challenging and fast-paced. The battle of attracting tenants is fierce and operational risk looms everywhere. Our platform empower property managers of retail space to better manage risk, ensure tenants are satisfied with management, and control operating costs.

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With so many critical pieces of equipment in industrial properties, it is important to always stay on top of maintenance to avoid unexpected costs. Our platform helps property owners and managers of industrial spaces stay ahead of equipment failures, keeping costs in line and reducing liability.

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Healthcare Facilities

Our Facility Management Software helps healthcare facilities enhance patient satisfaction and improve compliance

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Our Venue and Operations Management Software helps improve and streamline venue operations pre and post event days

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