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The BE Mobile application empowers property and facility teams to stay connected to critical building information at all times and manage and respond to tasks remotely. Easily view and execute day-to-day work order, incident, inspection and preventive maintenance tasks from your Android, BlackBerry®iPhone® or iPad® device!

Our mobile platform now includes 6 new features!

  1. Mobile Tenant Center. Busy property managers and building teams can now be better informed on-the-go. This new feature, which is part of the Tenant Relationship Management toolset, provides quick access to tenant contact information (including profile photos!), key operational metrics (tenant satisfaction, work order details, and expired leases/COIs), important documents, meeting notes and complete service history - improving building visits and ad-hoc meetings with tenants.
  2. A Photo Capture Option. Create Service Requests in the field, using photos to capture details. Enhance Incident Reports, using photos to add critical detail on the spot. Capture Inspection issues; track changes over time.
  3. Work Online and Offline (It's an App!). Work with a modern, fully functional onboard App and database. Work offline (access equipment manuals, maintenance history and instructional videos from basements and other areas of unreliable service). Track arrival and work completion times, and escalate issues in the moment. Receive new work orders throughout the day with updated priority and required response times.
  4. Mobile Photo, File and Video Access. View equipment manuals, floor plans, schematics...even video! Attach current certificates and equipment servicing information to work orders and inspections. Access instructional videos while conducting on-site repairs.
  5. Mobile Broadcast Messaging. You can now message a pre-defined group or your complete tenant list from your phone or tablet. Our Emergency Broadcast features powered by Send Word Now* ensure that you can reach all of your tenants immediately, by phone, email or text.
  6. Mobile Announcements. Looking for an additional way to keep your tenants in the loop? Why not post an announcement to their Tenant Services homepage? Announce events, emergencies, or anything in between, all from your smartphone.

BE Mobile enhances your ability to respond to tenant requests, improve technician productivity, and help manage risks. With the help of mobile communication to improve service you can increase occupant satisfaction and retention.

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"Be-Mobile has improved our efficiency and allowed the tenant to see how productive we are. Great application!" -Rick Hager, Property Manager, SJG Properties


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