Maximize energy efficiency. Reduce costs.

Hank’s AI-powered HVAC optimization solution provides a new, innovative way to reduce energy consumption and operating expenses.

Purchase your Hank license from Building Engines to combine HVAC optimization with CRE’s leading building operations platform.

Get a free energy and equipment assessment!

Request a personalized building assessment to visualize real-world energy savings and equipment efficiencies before you spend a penny.

Cut your annual energy costs by 20%

Hank’s software integrates with your existing BMS or BAS to autonomously optimize HVAC equipment across your buildings – lowering energy consumption (and costs) to deliver immediate ROI. 

The best part? No new capital equipment costs required!

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Keep tenants happy & comfortable

Hank helps automate your building’s temperature and air flow to ensure an optimal workplace environment for every tenant.

You’ll see a reduction in tenant comfort complaints and improved indoor air quality (IAQ), leading to consistently higher tenant satisfaction.

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Client Success: Revolutionizing energy efficiency with Hank

Read about how Royal London Asset Management works with JLL’s Property Management team and Hank to power carbon reduction across its portfolio.

Improve building operations

Hank helps building equipment run more efficiently; extending equipment life and allowing the building to run truly automated.

The result? Fewer HVAC-service calls, shorter response times to tenants, and a decrease in operating costs.

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Hank uses AI to optimize energy efficiency, comfort, and air quality for fast ROI

Our team conducts a free assessment

Hank builds a digital twin to learn how your building equipment operates. You’ll receive an audit detailing opportunities for energy savings, comfort fixes, and equipment optimizations.

Setup is fast & easy

The Hank router is shipped to you and plugs into your existing building system. Hank’s engineers work closely with your onsite team to get the technology implemented.

Our software optimizes your HVAC

Hank autonomously optimizes your equipment to make massive improvements to energy consumption, IAQ, and more. You’ll quickly see the ROI in your bottom line.

Happy tenants. Efficient buildings. Incredible savings.

See Hank’s virtual engineer solution in action – and learn how Hank and Building Engines work better together.