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Building Engines, a JLL company, improves operations and performance for leading commercial real estate portfolios across the globe.

Discover the world’s most powerful and proven property management software.

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Managing 5 billion square feet across 55,000+ buildings and 1,000+ customers

Property management software that powers CRE’s most successful portfolios

From commercial office spaces to retail and industrial properties, hear why our customers choose Prism by Building Engines.

Increase efficiency across your portfolio

Simply put, Building Engines helps property teams do more – faster.

From work orders and maintenance to risk and vendor management, our Prism property management software streamlines all your most critical operations.

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Reduce operating costs by 20%

Building Engines helps maximize the value of your properties and your teams!

When productivity goes up, building health and maintenance improves. This dramatically extends the usable life of key equipment – keeping repair and replacement costs low.

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Meet & exceed sustainability goals

Meet Hank, an exciting AI-powered solution for energy and HVAC optimization!

Hank gives your teams a head start toward meeting sustainability targets by reducing energy usage and costs by 25% or more.

Maximize comfort and efficiency in every building.

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Raise the bar for tenant satisfaction

Happy occupants are more likely to return to your buildings and stay there for the long haul.

Prism by Building Engines provides innovative solutions and integrations that are built to deliver the best tenant experiences – including AI to ensure clean, professional tenant communications!

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Capture more revenue opportunities

What if you could easily increase billable services revenue by 10% across your portfolio?

From work orders to amenity reservations, Building Engines auto-captures billable events that may otherwise be miscalculated or slip through the cracks.

See how our property management software can drive more revenue to your buildings.

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“Prism has helped us reduce our operating expenses by allowing us to use one system for items that we previously had multiple.”

Audrey Bell
Operations Technology Lead, Northwood Office
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Explore our property management software products

Our solutions are purpose-built to transform the way commercial buildings are run.

Work Orders

Manage & prioritize tenant requests better than ever before

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Preventive Maintenance

Plan ahead to keep critical assets running & unexpected costs low

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Standardize & evaluate conditions for every property

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Protect your company when the unexpected occurs

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Manage risk with automated certificate of insurance tracking

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Building Communications

Easily engage with occupants via the channels they prefer

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Advanced HVAC

Gain unique visibility into your HVAC inventory

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Tenant Compliance

Ensure tenants keep up with lease obligations for HVAC and more

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Bid Management

Secure the right vendors faster by simplifying the RFP process

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Visitor Access

Check in visitors quickly & securely – every time

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Resource Reservation

Empower tenants with self-service reservation of key amenities

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Measurement Services

Maximize RSF with accurate measurements for all your spaces

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Purchase Orders

Create POs for vendors & parts; link them directly to work orders

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Energy & HVAC Optimization

Reduce energy costs, improve tenant comfort & meet IAQ standards

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HqO Tenant Experience

Deliver rich tenant experiences with leading solutions from HqO

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Optimize property management to provide the best experiences

Our property management software is designed to address all aspects of building operations one easy-to-use interface.

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