We tapped into the annual Property Hero Awards from Building Engines to understand what high-performing commercial real estate maintenance leaders do, as shared by their peers.

The 2018 class of nominees placed a well-deserved spotlight on the maintenance professionals operating behind the scenes at commercial assets across the country. These are the people who bring the promise of a great tenant experience to life!

What does it take to become a Maintenance Property Hero?

  1. Reliability
    Maintenance Heroes are dependable, reliable, and trustworthy.
  2. High Customer Satisfaction ratings
    Delivering great service is at the core of a Maintenance Hero’s day. They are often the face of of every commercial asset and put tenants first.
  3. Going above and beyond
    This year’s nominees helped assets recover from disasters, helped to change a tenant’s tires, and even rescued a falcon…
  4. Efficiency and progressive thinking
    Heroes in maintenance find new ways to use technology and processes to improve speed, tenant satisfaction, and the productivity of their teams.
  5. Service and maintenance
    Maintenance Heroes meticulously keep their buildings operating at a high rate of efficiency, while delivering on-time service.
  6. Can-do attitude
    Tenacious and motivated – even though this job can often be “monstrous” and demanding, Maintenance Heroes face it with a smile and positive attitude.
  7. Strong collabboration
    These Heroes build bridges between tenants and management.
  8. Mentorship
    Leading by example, experienced Maintenance Heroes share their skills with younger engineers.
  9. Safety
    These professionals truly understand the importance of safety in every aspect of their work, which can often be dangerous, and help their teams to remain safe as well.
  10. Saving the day
    Above all, they are ready at a moment’s notice to save the day for building owners and tenants. One nominee even considered putting up a statue of their Maintenance Hero. (Not a bad idea!)

The year’s Property Hero Awards featured over 2,000 votes, 24 finalists, and over 150 nominations, with one runner-up and winner in two categories.

Meet our 2018 winner: The 2018 Property Hero Grand Prize Winner was Julio Salazar from Wright Runstad & Company. Read our Q&A featured interview with Julio.

“Julio everything a true Maintenance Hero should have; intelligence, a sense of humor, creativity, mechanical ability, wrapped up in superior customer service.”

To learn more about the 2018 Property Hero Awards, visit hero.buildingengines.com