Everybody may be working for the weekend, but that doesn’t mean that they want to be working during the weekend.

For many property managers, that means constantly looking for ways to improve their team’s (and their own) overall productivity. And with only so many hours during the day to complete work orders, preventive maintenance tasks, manage vendor COIs, connect with tenants, etc., this isn’t an easy task.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to wing it. We’ve assembled 11 ways for you to become a more productive property manager, and inspire better performance from your team:

  1. Know your mission

    If you don’t know your team goals, how can you expect to work your best, let alone succeed?

    Take a few minutes out of your day every once and a while to refresh yourself on your organizational aspirations, and think about how you can keep your property management team focused on the right stuff. (Hint: Your goals are probably driven mostly by tenant service.)

  2. Come in each day with a game plan

    You would be surprised at how helpful it is to have a punch list ready to start the day. Give yourself time at the end of your workday to review what still needs to be done, and outline a plan to do it. You’ll find that you spend far less time the next morning catching up, and more time doing what you do best – getting things done.

  3. Create open windows of opportunity

    When you know your priorities, you give yourself (and your team) time to set up for long-term success. Establish what your team’s core priorities are, including tenant service delivery expectations, and you’ll find yourself completing work more quickly and efficiently. Bonus: You’ll likely even end up with more opportunities to perform those preventive maintenance (PM) tasks you’ve always wanted to take care of.

  4. Regularly re-evaluate habits and processes

    Repetitive and redundant processes are the number one killer of workplace productivity – especially in commercial property management, where team members are dependent on communication efficiencies.

    Stop and evaluate how you and your team are operating. Is there something you can cut out? A new software tool that can help you improve your tenant service delivery?

  5. Focus on tenant service quality

    Manage your tenant relationships! Your job depends on the satisfaction of your tenants. It is crucial that you focus on creating value for your tenants, through improving the efficiency of service delivery, and improving communication between your team and tenants. Once you do, you’ll find that you’re more privy to tenant wants and needs, which in turn will help you do your job much more effectively.

  6. Stop working overtime

    Set reasonable deadlines for yourself and for your team. While it is true that you’ll sometimes have to work overtime to meet a deadline, you control which tasks your team tackles, and for how long. Watch for inefficiencies, and apply resources effectively.

    If your team is still unable to get the job done in the time allotted, you may need a better system or additional resources to help.

  7. Avoid repetitive tasks, and automate

    There is a common saying among technology developers and designers: “keep it simple, stupid.” The same applies to your daily workflow: if you’re finding that your team is getting tied up doing the same thing over, and over, and over again, find a way to automate it! That free time created can really be a benefit for your overall productivity.

  8. Work with your team, and let them help you

    You’re a machine, but you’re a human machine. It is easy to burn out. Don’t let yourself become overburdened with work if you can reasonably delegate some of your tasks. The same goes for your property engineers and team members – if they are overworked, find them some help!

  9. Eliminate guesswork, and use defensible data

    At any given time do you know how well you and your team are performing? Can you spot the trending tenant service delivery bottlenecks, and offer a solution based on actual reports?

    Having the capability to make informed decisions based on concrete data is one of the most powerful ways you can improve your team’s productivity. Digitizing your team’s tenant service, maintenance, risk management, and communications workflow with a tool like Building Engines can help you get the defensible insights you need.

  10. Form relationships with your tenants

    Staying connected with your tenants can dramatically increase the probability that they will renew their lease, but it won’t be just because they like you. (Though admittedly, you are great.) You’ll have many more opportunities to collect valuable feedback, which can help you focus on what your tenants want, and improve your service delivery quality.

  11. Give yourself adequate time to unwind

    Relax? When you’ve got so much to do? Yeah, we know. It sounds crazy, but setting aside time to take breaks between long tasks can help you perform more consistently, and concentrate better. You’ll also feel better! (A definite plus.)


In addition to these tips, today’s commercial real estate organizations require a variety of attributes from a Property Manager. Find out the most valuable skills of high performing CRE property managers. You can access the guide here.