Building Engines is a Commercial Real Estate Web and Mobile Property Management Platform
Case Study: Quick-Start Deployment

Building Engines today announced the expansion of its platform throughout the growing Urban Renaissance Group portfolio. Using its unique tools and techniques, a coordinated set of best practice activities, system checks, and a skilled deployment team, Building Engines orchestrated deployment of its operations management system throughout Urban Renaissance’s 2.8 million square foot expansion within fifteen business days (Read the Case Study).

Urban Renaissance, a full-service commercial real estate organization based in the Pacific Northwest, has successfully managed its commercial real estate portfolio through the Building Engines platform since early 2008.  Following that success, Urban Renaissance sought to deploy the Building Engines platform throughout the recent addition of 2.8 million square feet of property to its commercial office portfolio. A driving factor behind the decision to expand was Building Engines’ proven ability to fully and successfully deploy its systems, migrate data from legacy systems and train building personnel within extremely tight time frames without disrupting building operations.

Rapid and successful deployment is key to deriving value from a property and tenant management system.  Tenants require rapid and seamless access to property teams and that demands online and mobile tools to support operations management. The Building Engines “Quick-Start” Deployment Plan, coupled with its ethos of high-touch customer service and support, ensures a quick and painless transfer of data from legacy systems to the Building Engines platform.

“Building managers are extremely busy people,” said Scott Sidman, Senior Vice President at Building Engines. “Successful technical system deployment requires skillful, time-efficient processes. It’s tantamount to jumping on a moving train, so doing it well without disrupting building management requires skill and experience. Our Quick-Start Deployment Program is fast, reliable and proven”, continued Sidman. “We know that time is money so we’ve designed our system around rapid, accurate deployment, ease of use and maximum  visibility – all of which contribute to building management time minimization and high return on investment.”