With 69% of information workers today using smartphones for business, the wise choice for property managers is to be proactive and leverage that power to their advantage.

In our recent webinar, Preparing for the (Not So Distant) Mobile Future, three panelists discussed what the mobile future holds and how businesses should move forward in light of the changing environment. My main takeaway from the discussion was how mobile strategies are becoming such a pivotal part of organizations, but are often daunting with so many important factors to consider as part of its planning and implementation. We decided to compile the panelists’ insights to create a Quick-Start Guide to implementing a mobile strategy. Check out the highlights below.

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A successful, proactive mobile strategy includes 4 steps:

1. Form a Core Team. This core team constructed of 5 to 10 people will evaluate your organization as it is and then devise a plan for implementing an appropriate mobile platform.

2. Define Security Measures. To ensure that there will be no breach of security with this new mobility it is important to place several encryptions and rigorous passwords on all vulnerable data.

3. Select the Right Mobile Platform. Choosing the right mobile platform for your organization is important because you want to choose something that will not only meet your current needs, but something that can expand in the future to grow along with your business.

4. Decide Which Mobile Applications to Implement First. The final step is to decide what applications to implement first. You will want to develop and implement applications based on who the users are, where your biggest gaps in productivity exist, and what you can do with your current in-house resources.

We couldn’t fit all our tips into one post, but you can find the rest in our  two page Quick-Start Guide.

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