With over 23 million square feet of class A office space in Manhattan, SL Green Realty Corp is NYC’s largest owner of office real estate.  

The company is well known for the experience they provide to their tenants and their top-notch, seamless building operations. The property management team at SL Green works incredibly hard to attract and retain some of the most notable tenants in the country.  

With an average of 300 work orders submitted by tenants a day and 75,000 submitted a year, SL Green must be confident that they can follow up with these requests, quickly and efficiently to keep their tenants happy.  

Here’s how the company does it: 

1. Provide multiple, quick ways for tenants to request work  

SL Green makes it extremely easy for their tenants to request building services through both a web and mobile app. This ensures that tenants can submit work where it is most comfortable to do so. The ease and simplicity of entering work orders from where tenant choose to do so have enabled SL Green to gain a high rate of tenant adoption – 96% of work orders come directly through Building Engines. 

2. Set response targets for tenant request

To ensure they are meeting tenant expectations, the team at SL Green sets target time frames in which requests must be followed up with. If a tenant request is not followed up within the allotted time, alerts are sent to managers who can then uncover and address the issue before it impacts tenant satisfaction. This not only holds their team accountable to the high standards they provide themselves on, but it also helps them stay on top of a tenant’s happiness.  

3. Encourage tenants to easily submit feedback on completed requests  

With such a large portfolio, having a finger on the pulse of tenant satisfaction at all times is critical, but staff can’t physically visit every tenant every day. To quickly understand how happy their tenants are, SL Green gathers feedback after every work order through a simple thumbs up / thumbs down rating system. This gives the company insight into and indicators of unhappy tenants so they can address any issues before they become too problematic.  

4. Track and monitor tenant satisfaction 

SL Green runs reports frequently to see at a glance what is happening in their buildings. With these reports, they can spot trends that may negatively impact tenant satisfaction. For example, if there is a large number of hot/cold requests that seem to be regularly occurring in a certain office, they can proactively identify the issue and fix it before it impacts how happy their tenants are. After all, no one likes working in a cold office for 8+ hours a day.  

Final Thoughts

Tenants are the lifeblood of any commercial real estate building. It is critical to keep tenants happy through the services property management teams provide. SL Green trusts Building Engines building operations software to run their portfolio efficiently and keep their tenants happy across their entire portfolio. Read the full case study to learn how Building Engines helps SL Green provide a best in breed experience to their marquee tenants, keeping them happy and renewing their leases.