Better Building Operations with Building Engines

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Who uses Building Operations software today?

Property Managers


Asset Managers


What are the most common challenges building operations software solve?

  • Managing tenant requests and work orders towards SLA and operation performance metrics
  • Performing asset preventive maintenance and conditioning to retain asset value
  • Building communications with tenants and vendors
  • Driving continuous inspections to ensure building performance and experiencefor tenants
  • Managing Amenity and resource utilization
  • Managing vendor and tenant COI coverage to minimize risk
  • Managing vendor utilization and access to property
  • Securing tenant and visitor access
  • Ensuring billables are completely reflected for all services and work for tenants
  • Providing asset operational visibility and building / portfolio performance

Covid-19 has affected
how we work

  • Fewer occupants are in the office at any one-time is driving needs for larger space requirements per employee
  • Changes to cleaning and security and access procedures driving focus on safe and healthy buildings initiatives and changes to services and vendors
  • Economic impacts throughout CRE driving needs for tighter budget controls and maximizing performance of assets

Tenant Experience is core to property management

  • Communications that are based on how the tenants desire and can best maximize services
  • Health and safety concerns that drive both access and usage of building space
  • Investment and amenities are prioritized towards those that enhance the workplace experience and drive occupancy

Technology has changed how we operate our personal and business lives

  • Mobile devices have dramatically taken over and impacted our lives and drive expectations for improvements in work life
  • Automation and IoT analytics that are easily integrated into services and devices that help to drive better outcomes
  • Cloud and SaaS companies predominantly offer software for everyone that is always on, always up to date, never needs backup, and that have dramatically simplified desktop solutions and propelled mobile phone and laptop usage in the process

What outcomes does CRE building
operations drive?

Building Operations now need the ability to quickly alter tenant space based on social distancing and state and local regulation changes.

Building Operations now need to empower property teams to handle vendors differently, get better pricing and improve bid management.

Refined, modern usage of mobile access and cloud technology for core capabilities delivering optimized CRE workflows for work orders and preventive maintenance building communications.

Some portfolios are missing the moment to modernize

  • Some feel they do not need building operations software to run their buildings since they believe they have been getting along just fine without it.
  • Some have been using building operations software for some time now, it took a lot to get it going and it’s good enough “as-is”.
  • Some feel that the building operations solution that came from their accounting software provides a “good enough” solution.

Building Engines Delivers Better Building Operations, Differently

Team and Tenant Focus

Building Operations needs to enable true collaboration across teams and communication to tenants to maximize their experience.

Future Proof, Experience-rich

Building Operations that can solve all of today’s problems plus tomorrows in a single solution removing multiple applications.

Built Completely with Modern Technology

Building Operations needs to have an open architecture, with ability to automate to improve efficiency and flexible to deliver all you need out of the box but can be extended as required.

How Does Building Engines Deliver Better Building Operations?

  • Communicate using tenant preferred channels
  • Exceed expectations For Service Delivery
  • Quick scenario test fits for tenants to alter their space
  • Billables such as work orders? and preventive maintenance
  • Space management that help to better manage rental square footage and visualize space
  • Capture revenue from reservable building resources
  • Know exactly what you need to know, when you need to know it
  • Boost efficiency – and switch staff to higher value work
  • Use trusted vendors that enable you to do more but with less effort

What business goals can you achieve with a modern Building Operations platform?

  • A safe and happy building experience that attracts new tenants
  • Quick time to value with the ability to self-service
  • Portfolio-wide coverage for thousands of properties
  • NOI delivered value that every asset manager and ownership would love