Why Building Operations Software?

See why more CRE professionals choose Building Engines to increase NOI and boost tenant satisfaction for their properties.

Who uses building operations software today?

Property Managers


Asset Managers


What are the key benefits and use cases?

  • Verifying vendor and tenant COI coverage to minimize risk
  • Managing vendor utilization and access to property
  • Securing tenant and visitor access 
  • Ensuring billables are completely reflected for all services and work for tenants
  • Providing asset operational visibility and building / portfolio performance

Building Engines: A modern building operations software platform

Uniquely Focused on Teams & Tenants

We enable true collaboration across property teams while providing efficient, seamless communication options to maximize the tenant experience.

Powerful All-in-One Platform

Our best-of-breed building operations software gives you the power to improve everything from work orders to space management (and more) – all from a single product.

Modern Solutions, Industry-Leading Experience

Prism’s open architecture combines the out-of-the-box value we know you need with the flexibility to improve efficiencies with your existing tech stack.

What makes Building Engines different?

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  • Communicate using your tenant’s preferred channels
  • Exceed expectations for service delivery
  • Provide quick scenario test fits for tenants to alter their space
  • Billables such as work orders and preventive maintenance
  • Space management that helps you stay on top of rental square footage and visualize space
  • More easily capture revenue from reservable building resources
  • Know exactly what you need to know, when you need to know it
  • Boost efficiency – and switch staff to higher value work
  • Use trusted vendors that enable you to do more but with less effort

What can YOU achieve with a modern building operations software platform?

  • A safe and happy building experience that attracts new tenants
  • Quick time-to-value with the ability to self-service
  • Portfolio-wide coverage for thousands of properties
  • NOI delivered value that every asset manager and ownership would love