A commercial real estate (CRE) professional is a multitasker, juggling demanding tenants, keeping budgets in check, and staying ahead of expiring leases. 

So if you’re pressed for time and want to stay in the loop on the hottest industry topics, try a commercial real estate podcast, which allows you to get up to speed while driving, exercising, or even unloading the dishwasher. 

You can learn from industry experts about current industry trends, tech advancements, and discover tips for all industry stakeholders to get ahead. 

1. America’s Commercial Real Estate Show

Host: Michael Bull. A trusted commercial real estate expert with over 30 years of industry experience, Bull’s an active licensed commercial real estate advisor and the founder of Bull Realty, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Target Audience: Anyone interested in general CRE industry knowledge and trends.

Schedule: One episode per week 

Description: Michael Bull is a pioneer in the commercial real estate podcast space. For the past decade, his show has commanded a top spot on most industry podcast lists. His worldwide audience get market intelligence, forecasts, and best-practices from industry success stories. Guests include legal experts, commercial real estate brokers, investors, technology experts, entrepreneurs, and more. 

Sample Episodes: How Not to Get Screwed by Your Contractor, Environmentally Friendly Clean Air Solutions for Office Buildings, How Real Estate will be Impacted by the Biden Administration. 

2. Best Real Estate Investing Podcast Advice Ever with Joe Fairless

Host: Joe Fairless knows the secrets of real estate investing. He controls more than $900,000,000 worth of real estate and has authored three books on the subject.  

Frequency: Daily 

Target Audience: Amateur commercial real estate investors as well as seasoned pros. 

DescriptionCommercial real estate is an 893 billion dollar plus industry comprising 8-10 percent of America’s GDP. Fairless’ podcast should be required listening for anyone looking to get a bite of the apple. The title says it all: He’ll deliver the best advice ever to fuel a winning investing strategy. 

Sample Episodes: Learning the Secrets of the Rich, Using Data in Real Estate Investing, 10 Questions to Ask Before Passively Investing

3. BiggerPockets Podcast  

Brandon Turner. An active real estate investor, entrepreneur, and writer, Brandon is a nationally recognized leader in the real estate education space. 

David Greene: Former police officer turned agent, broker, investor, lender; all-round real estate guru.  

Target Audience: CRE brokers and investors who like industry advice with a side of humor. 

Frequency: Weekly on Thursdays 

Description: Apple reviews have spoken: Turner and Greene are a hit. The show has over 10,000 five-star reviews and is consistently one of the top 10 business podcasts on iTunes. Turner and Greene offer real, actionable advice for anyone looking to invest wisely and see big payoffs—no get-rich-quick schemes. 

Sample Episodes: How to Get Your First or Next Property (Step-by-Step) in 90 Days, Tax Hacks to Juice Your ROI. 

4. The Propcast  

Host: Louisa Dickins is the co-founder of LMRE, a leading global Proptech recruiter firm. 

Target Audience: Proptech enthusiasts. 

Frequency: Weekly  

Description: Ever wonder what the real estate industry will look like in ten years? Louisia Dickins is on a mission to find out. She and her weekly guests do a deep dive into the Proptech solutions driving the real estate industry forward, and assess the gaps in market offerings.  

Sample Episodes: Sustainability Challenges and Proptech Resolutions of 21st Century Real Estate, Transparency in Commercial Real Estate Data.  

5. Commercial Real Estate Pro Network

Host: J. Darrin Gross is a top-rated commercial real estate insurance broker and risk-management expert. 

Frequency: Twice weekly 

Target Audience: Anyone looking for airtight CRE risk management strategies.

Description: Operating and investing in commercial real estate can be risky business. Darrin Gross and his guests guide you past common pitfalls and equip you with strategies for success.  

Sample Episodes: Commercial Real Estate Operator Risk, Investing in Midwest Mobile Home Parks.  

More Options to Stay in the Loop: 

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