The holiday season and end of the year is upon us, and that means a jam packed schedule filled with end-of-year deadlines, meetings, and planning for 2016. (Building Engines can help!)

That being said, it is also important to take some time to enjoy ‘the most wonderful time of year’ with your tenants, and colleagues. (And you won’t believe how much they’ll appreciate it!)

Showing some extra gratitude towards your tenants and colleagues with small acts of festive-ness goes a long way when it comes to their happiness. So in addition to throwing a wreath on your building’s front door, why not try some of the other many ways to sprinkle in some inexpensive festivities at your building?

Whether it’s a cookie recipe swap, setting up a charitable donation bin, or running an ugly holiday sweaters competition, the holiday season is the time to really connect with your tenants and colleagues, and enrich your relationship with each.

  1. Host a Giving Tree

    Source: Raytheon ‘Twelve Days of Giving’

    Already planning on adding a Christmas tree to your building’s lobby? Great! Rather than merely serving as a festive decoration, turn it into a charitable deed generator, like a Giving Tree.

    Source: Southern Arkansas University

    The first thing you do is find an organization that is need, such as a homeless shelter, food bank, or animal shelter. These organizations always have a running list of goods they are in need of.

    Then, write these wishlist items on tags that will be hung on the tree. Each tenant can grab an item they will then donate and place under the tree.

    As another charitable alternative, you could also coordinate a visit to a local food bank or soup kitchen like Boston’s Pine Street Inn!

  2. Cookie Recipe Swap

    Who doesn’t like an excuse to load up on holiday sweets?

    Hosting a cookie swap takes very little preparation or work on your end. Invite your tenants to bake up their favorite homemade cookies and bring in copies of the recipe.

    Source: Good Housekeeping

    Each office will be able to taste test others and generate new ideas of what sweet treat to bring to their own holiday celebrations. You can even rein a Cookie Champion if you’d like to hold a vote! (Just be sure to send us a few cookies!)

  3. Cubicle Decorating Competition

    Working in Santa’s Workshop is the coolest, but not many of us are willing to brave the cold at the North Pole.


    Source: Frybread Quilts
    Source: Frybread Quilts

    As an alternative, challenge each tenant to host a ‘Holiday Cube Off.’ Whichever tenant decorates their office to look the most like a Winter Wonderland could win a prize!

  4. Yankee Swap

    Another way to bring tenants together this month to enjoy some Holiday fun is by hosting a gift swap.

    Prior to the event, set a price benchmark for the gift each person will bring. Once each individual heads into the event, hand out numbers to organize the order of swapping.

    Source: TwoCentsTV
    Source: TwoCentsTV

    How many times will the dreaded handkerchiefs be swapped out and who will leave with the sought-after moonshine? Just wait and see.

    Or, give your colleagues the gift of a new Service Delivery Program, which your tenants will love!

  5. Ugly Sweater Day

    Declaring one day in December ‘Ugly Sweater Day’ is sure to bring some holiday cheer to your office building. Whether tenants are in the building café or passing through the main lobby, an ugly sweater is a great conversations starter and a way to break the ice with other tenants.

    Source: Land of Nod
    Source: Land of Nod

Even if you are limited by time, or lack a holiday celebration budget, there are so many ways to bring the holiday spirit into your building. The easiest (and most rewarding) being giving back to those less fortunate.

So how will you get your building in the spirit? Let us know by tweeting your stories @BuildingEngines!