Halloween is this week and if you’re like me October 31st snuck up on you. Wasn’t it just August? Anyways, if you’re like many busy property managers you haven’t had the time to even think of a Halloween costume and are rushing last minute to throw one together.   

Every Halloween we see many professions represented in costumes – nurses, policemen, teachers, presidents, etc. but we rarely see any love for property management. Here are a few costume ideas for property managers that your colleagues will love.  

Work order ninja  

Property management teams are fielding work orders from tenants day in and day out. The more work orders you can close correctly and timely the happier tenants will be. To be a work order ninja and take on the many work orders you receive daily you need to dress the part.  

All you have to do is dress in black head to toe and carry the (fake) weapon of your choice, nunchucks, sword, or throwing starts – hocus pocus, you’re a ninja. Now, write down different work order requests you’ve received, put a line through them representing a completed job and tape them all over yourself.  

Class A Building  

Typically, class A buildings are well located, have high-quality building infrastructure, and are professionally managed. Let’s face it who doesn’t want to work in a building they are proud of?  

Find a very tall box that you can fit your whole body in. Draw a bunch of windows on the box and write A somewhere on it. Now cut two holes on the side for your arms and one in the top for your head.   

Mobile App  

There are so many mobile applications available in the CRE tech industry today. It’s up to you whether you are a property management mobile app, tenant mobile app, or an engineering mobile app but all these costumes are pretty much the same. Just ride around on a scooter serving appetizers. You are now a mobile app.   

Hot/cold call  

Ah… one of the most common service requests and one that I’m sure you get many times a day. You can either dress for winter, complete with a winter coat, scarf, and boots, and hang fake icicles on yourself because, well offices are freezing. Then, carry a phone around and pretend to be on a call. You can also do the opposite and dress as if you are too hot, this is a little less believable though if you work in an office like ours.   


Building inspections are critical to operations. Inspections can uncover issues that may have been overlooked previously and help you proactively manage your buildings. To be an inspector, dress in your finest inspector or detective outfit complete with a magnifying glass and ta-da, you’re an inspector.  

Preventive maintenance hero 

Preventive maintenance is already a hero to certain equipment. Regularly performed preventive maintenance tasks help keep equipment up and running. To be a preventive maintenance hero this Halloween, throw on your favorite superhero costume – cape and all, and simply create a PM medal that only heroes would wear 

Which one will you be this Halloween? Do you have other ideas for funny, creative or clever property management costumes? Tweet us at @buildingengines and #propertymanagementhalloween and tell us your ideas – we’d love to hear them!