In 2021, tenants are viewing your building’s shared spaces and amenities a little differently.

In the past, they probably didn’t mind hustle and bustle in shared spaces. But with COVID-19 still a concern, they now expect your team to limit traffic in reservable spaces (like conference, rooms, lounges, rooftops, etc.) and to ensure seamless handoffs between bookings.

Furthermore, many CRE tenants are transitioning to flexible work models and downsizing their offices. Since they now have less collaborative space in their units, your reservable areas will be in high demand.  

How can you give your tenants a safe, seamless experience with your building’s resources?

Read on to find out. 

Showcase Your Resources and Amenities

Let’s start with the basics: Your tenants can’t take advantage of your building’s resources and amenities if they don’t know they exist.  

To drive utilization, find a resource reservation platform with an interactive resource calendar that displays all that your building has to offer  

Detailed descriptions, availability, pricing and images give your tenants a clear understanding of the spaces they’ll be booking up front.

Self-Enable Tenants to Book Resources

The traditional resource reservations process is anything but easy. Typically, tenants need to call, email, or even talk to your team in person to reserve resources. 

Outdated processes like these can be a major time suck for your team. They can also increase your chances of making scheduling mistakes or double-booking spaces. Hiccups like these can throw off a tenant’s entire day. And, make them think twice about booking resources in the future. 

For an easier way to manage your building’s resources, find a platform that empowers tenants to schedule themselves. 

With the right platform, tenants can browse and reserve resources in just minutes. Solutions like these also make it easy for you to approve requests quickly. You can approve in batches or have the software automatically approve requests, saving your team time.

Enforce COVID-19 Guidelines

Particularly during COVID-19, your tenants expect that spaces will be fully cleaned and sanitized before each use. But meeting these expectations requires careful scheduling behind the scenes. When using manual scheduling processes, this requires time that you simply don’t have. The answer? 

The right resource reservation platform makes it easy to set and enforce COVID-19 policies. For example, your team can build windows for sanitization between bookings. These windows can range from 30 minutes to multiple hours, giving your cleaning staff ample time to prepare each space.

To keep your tenants healthy (and shield your building from risk of a disease outbreak), you also need to prevent overcrowding in your spaces. Play offense by defining capacity maximums and prompting tenants to choose spaces that are appropriate for their party size. 

Track Resource Utilization

During a time in which many CRE properties are engaged in an “amenities arms race,” you need to know which building resources are important to tenants and which are a waste of money. 

To gain the insights you need, choose a resource reservations platform with robust analytics functionality. Report on revenue by tenant and resource to determine where to invest more, increase costs, or repurpose the space if demand is low.  

Make Resource Reservations Customizable

Your tenants’ needs can vary from day to day, or from meeting to meeting. This makes it impossible to take a one-size-fits all approach to resource scheduling. 

Since tenants will need different tools (like WiFi, projectors or catering services) choose a platform that prompts them to select these tools at the outset. This gives your team time to set up for reservations well in advance, putting you in a position to delight tenants.

And with the right platform, these add-ons are easily billable back to tenants, ensuring that no revenue slips through the cracks.  

Ensure Accurate Billing

In a difficult time for the CRE industry, property teams are under pressure to keep their bottom lines healthy. When managed effectivelyyour building’s resources can provide a stream of extra revenue.   

But to justify the costs of maintaining these resources (especially now that extra cleaning is required), you need to capture all revenue associated with each reservation.  

To do so, find a resource reservation platform that lets your team create billable resources, capture hourly and daily rates, and generate accurate invoices easily. 

Wrapping it Up

Despite the logistical challenges caused by COVID-19, your tenants still expect first-rate amenities and resources in your building. 

How can you ensure that your team delivers? 

Prism Resource Reservations makes space reservation simple and organized, for tenants, engineers and your management team.

To learn more about how Prism Resource Reservations can help your portfolio thrive in the new normal, schedule a demo.