Building Engines Is a Commercial Real Estate Property Management Software Web and Mobile AppThanksgiving tradition is usually served with an unhealthy heap of glut, recipes involving cans and lard, holiday shopping nervosa, traffic emotions cycling between ennui and road rage, minor football injuries among the aged, and televised flamboyance in the streets of Manhattan. What’s not to love? The one tradition you can partake in free from harm or bloat is the one for which this flabulous holiday was named: giving thanks.

Time to take your fat pants out of the closet and the “grim” out of Pilgrim – we’re reflecting on those to whom we’re much obliged.

Thank you, webinar thought leaders.

You use your limited spare time to educate us on important trends and share insider knowledge on industry best practices. Whether its discussing fire & life safety tips with Peter Harrod, VP of Code Consulting at Cosentini Associates, or mobile strategies for property managers with Duke Long of the Duke Long Agency, we constantly rely on your expert insights for our educational resources and product development.

Thank you, online CRE professionals.

You’ve helped develop online spaces for those in Commercial Real Estate into something meaningful and helpful. Whether you participate in social media, online forums, blogs or networking sites like Honest Buildings, you alert us as to what you’re interested in, want to see, need to find. This inspires us to think about how we should respond.

Thank you, clients.

You remain loyal with your business and daily operational insights. You’ve challenged us to adapt our platform to your unique workflows and needs. You work at universities, private REITs, skilled nursing institutions, 3rd party management companies, service companies… even zoos! And you work with us a true partners – open-minded to adopting new technology and ways of doing things, but also pushing us to meet your needs.

Urban Renaissance – your need to switch 2.8 million square feet of recently acquired property to our system within three weeks led to a streamlined “Quick-Start” Deployment Plan.

Lillibridge – your demand for a way to demonstrate service excellence to tenants and investors led to the development of a product feature unlike any in the industry, Operations Performance Management.

Every point on our product development timeline below was driven, at least in part, by client feedback, your requests:

Building Engines Is a Commercial Real Estate Property Management Software Web and Mobile App

Thank you, Bagel Friday.

You give us the fuel to work around the clock, to keep our software, application and service constantly moving in a better direction – and poppy seed-filled smiles.

Happy Thanksgiving!