Property and Tenant Management System
Buildings Magazine

Over a decade ago, when we first released our Property and Tenant Management System, it felt like we were standing alone on a soap box with a megaphone trying to inform the CRE masses of the  infinite value that technology can bring to operations and tenant service. Back then, we heard a lot of push back about the importance of personal relationships and technology was often painted as the death of the handshake. But over the years, a funny thing happened. We kept getting back on the soap box with the same message of automation, efficiency, actionable intelligence, predictive maintenance, a centralized database, and insight into operations and service delivery. And we kept bringing with us hard data to prove the case (technology will let you do that- the irony!). Gradually, we began to have more and more “believers” coming to us looking for technology solutions. Today, it’s safe to say we are in the midst of a full-blown technology REvolution!

As SVP Scott Sidman explains in the May 2013 issue of Buildings Magazine, the power of new CRE technologies is not just about monitoring operations and collecting data.  It’s about turning data into actionable intelligence that allows you to do things like track service delivery against benchmarks and manage operational issues proactively (before they break down or boil over). Check out the full article, Technology-Driven FM (pg. 34), for more on this and other technology solutions that can help you streamline operations.

The Top Three Technology Benefits We Are Most Thankful For:

Mobile Alerts and Integration – New Mobile Apps allow your team to access everything they need to complete maintenance, inspections and service tasks from wherever they are.

Insight Into Tenant Satisfaction – Tenants can place and track service requests online and in real-time, as well as indicate at the time of completion if the work is satisfactory. Immediate action can be taken to make things right, whereas in the past we might not have discovered the service problem at all.

Predictive Maintenance – For the first time, predictive maintenance technology can warn of component failure before it happens.

See Scott Sidman talk more on the topic in the session, Actionable Intelligence: The Key to Improved Tenant Service and Property Operations at the 2013 Every Building Conference & Expo in San Diego on June 25, from 9-10:15 a.m.