We all know the saying you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but Building Engines client Zoo New England (which operates the Franklin Park Zoo and Stone Zoo) has thrown that philosophy out the window.

There’s more on 2012’s calendar than the Mayan Apocalypse – it less morbidly marks the Franklin Park Zoo’s 100th year of providing laughs, tapir calves and giraffes. A cool century ago in October 2012, the Franklin Park Zoo opened to the public in Boston and has since grown to include several exhibits (hedgehogs, prairie dogs, cockatoos and kangaroos!) featuring over 220 species of animals.

Throughout the years, the zoo has survived changes in management as well as difficult economic times, yet has always been able to evolve with the times in order to keep themselves on top. Celebrating a centennial and reflecting on 100 years of business is a clear testament that the people of Zoo New England are doing something right. Having worked with them since 2008 as an operations and property performance partner, we have witnessed their adaption to and adoption of new technologies and workflows. Most people don’t see the software and system behind a properly maintained and operated zoo, but Zoo New England has stepped up to combine Building Engines technology and best practices with their business for continuous improvement of their daily operations.

With 72 acres and 1,000 “tenant” animals, asset maintenance, risk management, and effective communications are all elements that keep Zoo New England at the top of the food chain. And when you’re managing residents like Little Joe the gorilla and Tito a 56-year-old condor – tenant satisfaction is a top priority!

Congratulations to one of our wildest clients – and here’s to another 100 years of excellence!

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