The funny thing about writing a BLOG is that it requires having the internet.  In this day and age, you would think that the internet would be an easy thing to come by, but in fact, accessing the internet today is about as easy as finding your way around in the Bermuda Triangle or seeing a dodo bird.  Why is the internet so difficult to come by you ask?  As it turns out, it is due to having a bad service provider.

A bad service provider is a company that does not deliver what they say or promise they will.  It is a company that has indicated that they will provide an ongoing service, and that service is either inconsistent or often disrupted.  Additionally, and almost as important as the service itself, a bad service provider is a company that does not treat its customers with respect or acknowledge its shortcomings.  Its one thing to fail to deliver a service, but it is another to fail AND not have a reason, plan for it not to happen again or explanation for what happened.  From my experience, most people can grant forgiveness for a mistake, but it is far more difficult to forgive a mistake when the company at fault does not take ownership for it.  Many companies are guaranteeing this satisfaction in the form of a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. It’s nice to be reassured that the item I purchased will work…and if it doesn’t…that my vendor will make it allllllllll better.

So as I sit here today writing my LOG (I would need the internet to include the “B”), a new service provider is setting up and configuring my new internet connection.  I am hopeful that the service promises they have made will ring true.  I am hopeful that they will not drop the ball – but if they do – I hope most of all that they “make it right.”