Washington Real Estate Investment Trust Awarded TOBY

We’re excited to announce that Building Engines client Washington Real Estate Investment Trust will be recognized for two of their properties at the 30th annual Local TOBY Awards Celebration in Washington, D.C. on Thursday, June 12.

2000 M Street (pictured top left) is nominated in the category of “Earth Building.” Requirements for this award include: All buildings with at least 50% office area where the building and building management team preserve and enhance the internal and external environment through green and sustainable programs.

6110 Executive Boulevard (pictured top right) is nominated in the category of “Renovated Building.” Requirements for this award include: All Building(s) must be at least 15 years old, have maintained a minimum of 50% occupancy during the renovation process for all building(s) and 3 or more projects must be completed in each building when submitting multiple buildings. If entry is a single building, a minimum of 5 projects are necessary. Renovation can encompass: (1) Rehabilitation (the restoration of a property to satisfactory condition without changing the plan, form, or style of a structure); (2) Modernization (taking corrective measures to bring a property into conformity with changes in style, whether exterior or interior. It requires replacing parts of the structure or mechanical equipment with modern replacements of the same kind but not including capital additions); and (3) Remodeling (changing the plan, form or style of a structure to correct functional or economic deficiencies). In order to be eligible, a minimum of five of the following work projects must be completed by January 2013 and the building must enter the TOBY program within 5 years following substantial completion of the last renovation projects to be eligible for this category.

1. New roof, re-roof or green roof

2. New boilers/HVAC/Central Plant

3. Cleaning/Painting/New design of existing building envelope

4. New electrical system

5. New fire panel/sprinkler system

6. Modernization of elevators which can include mechanicals, ADA compliance and interior cabs refurbishment

7. New security systems can include card access, cameras, console, fire panel etc.

8. Renovation of main lobby that includes 3 or more of the following items: floors, walls, entry doors, signage, security desk etc.

9. Renovation of restrooms that includes 4 or more of the following items: sinks, counter tops, toilet, urinals, floors, walls, lighting, faucets, flushometers, stale partitions, etc.

10. Installation of new windows

After the local awards comes The International TOBY Awards, which will be handed out at the 2014 Every Building Conference & Expo – presented by BOMA International and BUILDINGS – on June 25 in Orlando, FL.

Congrats and good luck, Washington Real Estate Investment Trust!