This month marks the ten year anniversary of Building Engines’ first contract for sale. Since our first software license was signed in 2001, Building Engines has been revving its engines and building as a company. After a decade of successful partnerships, we must thank our loyal clients, driven team and savvy partners for their invaluable support. We look forward to continuing our growth path of expanded product development, services, and relationships!

Here is a look back at Building Engines’ Early History:

  • January 2001 – Company Founded by Davd S. Osborn and John S. Childs under the name Requestcom, Inc.
  • October 2001 – Work Order Manager Module launched
  • November 2001 – First client: Meredith & Grew
  • November 2001 – Visitor Access Manager Module launched
  • March 2003 – First portfolio-wide client : Albert B. Ashforth, Inc.
  • August 2004 – Company name changed to Building Engines, Inc.
  • December 2004 – Preventive Maintenance Module launched
  • January 2005 – First Healthcare Client: Golden Living (formerly Beverly Enterprises)

Here’s to many more milestones in the next decade!