“The ability to view and analyze data in the field is only the beginning of better building operations,” CRE industry expert Phil Mobley wrote in his latest cover article for BOMA Magazine, Big Data, Big Rewards. A major focus of the article: Building Engines’ web and mobile property management software for the commercial real estate industry.

Our software can capture and link data in four main categories: tenant service (work orders, resource scheduling, handbooks and documents); equipment (maintenance manuals, service records and documentation); risk management (visitor access, fire and life safety, incident tracking and insurance information); and communications (emergency bulletins and building status).

“There has been a progression, even in the last year, in terms of the amount of data and the ability of our people to access it in real-time,” explains Curtis Mummau, senior vice president and leader of Cushman & Wakefeld | Thalhimer, who was interviewed for the article. “A building engineer can glance at a tablet and know everything he or she needs to know before a meeting.”

Mummau told Mobley he views his property teams “as crucially valuable for the data they produce at the properties” with the Building Engines platform, especially due to our mobile app, BE-Mobile, which facilitates the teams’ ability to capitalize on this data immediately.

For the article, Mobley also spoke with BEI SVP Scott Sidman about the utility of mobile-enabled data entry, as well as why benchmarking is key to improving operational performance.

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