At the close of World Green Building Week, we’re not quite ready to move on from the importance of greener, more sustainable buildings. The past week has proven that neither are organizations and people around the world. The Green Building Councils operates in over 80 countries to foster environmentally and socially responsible building practices.World Green Building Week

The greening of the commercial buildings industry presents the challenge of addressing both the obvious and seemingly benign. It also presents many of the challenges that we see when trying to solve the problems on a global scale. A building is a living breathing organism and involves hundreds or even thousands of people. The people who live and work in buildings represent various and disparate constituencies.

It’s not always easy being green, but it’s important. Today the industry has compiled enough information to conclude that there is a tremendous economic and environmental value to going green. However, to realize and maximize that value, you have to have the right tools and information to implement and maintain your green program.

As with most things, the first step is usually the hardest step. Getting started on the green road requires a process that deconstructs past and current activities, realigns those activities, and then measures your activities on an ongoing basis.

Continue to read about the road to Green in this whitepaper, where David Osborn, President & CEO of Building Engines, takes a look at what we can do as owners and operators of real estate to improve our environment and improve ROI for our properties.

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