You have the right idea, but you’re missing a key component to achieving your desired business outcome. The key stone to top-notch property and tenant management is not the system. It’s the service.

Buy a Vendor, Not a System

I talk to operations people on a daily basis. I continue to hear from people that they want to buy a work order software system or a preventive maintenance system. They have a problem getting “system” out of their system.

When our customers first start working with us, they too are often motivated to address a specific, tactical requirement, typically work order management. Often this is a reaction to an external prompt such as a tenant problem or a competitive challenge. But, they quickly realize how an integrated platform and support services help them address almost all areas of daily property operations.

Buying a “system” only guarantees incremental improvement over where you are today. Evaluating and buying a vendor relationship assures that you will achieve your goals.

Years of experience working with successful owners and managers has solidified my perspective that the following best practices for selecting and working with a partner deliver the results that make a difference.

Best Practices for a Successful Client-Vendor Relationship

Identify a vendor who:

  • Makes a habit of learning about your business
  • Focuses on what drives you and your company
  • Knows your strategic goals, and takes an active role in helping you achieve those goals
  • Is open and available for assistance in helping you achieve your goals

If you find a vendor who can align with you on all these points, the “system” will deliver results far and above your expectations. Your investment will be justified based on your strategic objectives, not a need to satisfy a tactical gap in your operations. So go on a vendor bender. Without this key stone, your building may crumble.